Frameless Glass SL25 Stacking Doors

At AFG Absolute Frameless Glass Systems we consult and install these Frameless Glass Stacking doors, unlike dry walling allowing Natural Light in, suitable for outside enclosures such as balconies, terraces, patios, restaurant areas and stadium suites not only does it give you an a flexible, contemporary and usable open space internally in the form of room dividers for both living and working environments.

  • Enclose your patio, balcony, or divide areas inside your home.
  • System is custom made to fit opening.
  • System can be straight, curved, 90 degree or angled.
  • System can open left, right, in and out.
  • Top hung system.
  • Panels move individually.

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Elegant Architectural Bi-Fold Glass Sheer Flexibility AFG Absolute Frameless Glass provides systems which demonstrate the sheer flexibility of glass.

Frameless Glass SL20 Sliding Doors / City Slider

At AFG Absolute Frameless Glass Systems the combination with office partitioning is limitless. Whether combining pivot doors or hinge doors with fixed glass or having sliding doors single direction or bi-parting our City Slider is Uniquely and aesthetically designed for use as an internal room divider or an office partition.

  • Maximizing natural light.
  • Modern office look .
  • Reduced distraction to employees. 
  • They offer and allow for meeting rooms with confidentiality. 
  • Provide a high-class way to offer additional security to a focal point, such as a wine cellar. 
  • Very low maintenance and easy to clean glass from 10 – 15 mm toughened .

Aluminium Folding / Sliding Doors And Windows

At AFG Absolute Frameless Glass Systems we install High performance & high-quality aluminium doors and windows create a beautiful view with an effortless sliding motion giving you an easy to use, easy to clean flexible living space to use all year round specifically designed for the South African market.

  • Creates a borderless panoramic view.
  • A unique corner entry option is available.
  • Designed for the South African market and climate.
  • Smooth effortless sliding motion.