About Us

Absolute Frameless Glass Systems specialises in the installation of frameless glass stacking doors. At AFG we are all about high quality and pristine finishes and your home is our first priority. Frameless glass adds value to your home and gives it a new upmarket look.

We are partnering with Sunflex SA Based in Durban their Gauteng & KwaZulu-Natal agent, supplying our clients with an upmarket German sliding stacking door system namely Sunflex.

Sunflex SA was established in 2005 by Charles and Patrick Rostance in partnership with Sunflex, Germany. Sunflex SA quickly took the local market by storm facilitating the establishment of approved installers in all major cities in South Africa. All working components are produced by SUNFLEX Germany, however aluminium profiles are extruded locally and all manufacturing takes place at our head office here in Durban, KZN.

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Elegant Architectural Bi-Fold Glass Sheer Flexibility AFG Absolute Frameless Glass provides Bespoke Frameless Glass System which demonstrate the sheer flexibility of glass.

Our Brand

Sunflex has been providing architectural design solutions as per European standards, for over twenty years. Sunflex Germany are international leaders in their field that provide products and support to Sunflex in South Africa.  The Sunflex range of frameless glass sliding doors and stacking doors are ideal patio doors, balcony enclosures and room dividers.

What We Do

Our frameless systems include frameless stacking doors, sliding doors, balustrades and showers. We also have many aluminium products such as windows, sliding doors, stacking doors, etc. We take pride in our work and pay extreme attention to detail.


Our Frameless glass systems are custom made and manufactured to fit your home. High insulation and sound proofing quality's, durable parts and hardware, excellent security quality's, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 15mm toughened safety glass. Aaamsa approved frameless systems. Your Frameless stacking door also comes with a one-year factory warranty, and we also guaranty the workmanship for two years. We take pride in our work and pay extreme attention to detail.